Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ about Photo Booth Rental in Fort Worth Dallas


Q1: How to Know about Availability of Photo Booths?

Ans: Call us or mail us, we will check our bookings and let you know. We ensure prompt reply whenever any new enquire comes.

Q2: Tell us about Areas where You Serve?

Ans: We serve entire Dallas with a range of radius 40 KM. We are further improvising our equipments and services for better experience.

Q3: Clicked pictures will be in color or black-white?

Ans: This is to be selected by you. There will be an operator for photo booth, ask him and he will adjust things.

Q4: Which kinds of props are available?

Ans: Each photo booth comes with plenty of props namely hats, boas, wigs, big sunglasses, mustaches and more. If you have any specific props in mind, we will make that imagination practical. You can place order for themed props.

Q5: How to Add Additional hours, if we need?

Ans: This is quite easy, you can let our representative know about requirement and rest our management will do.

Q6: What about availability of scrapbook or memory book?

Ans: Memory scrapbook is an integral part of all providers of photo booths. This is definitely  beautiful and timeless keepsake option that will be priceless. Details of scrapbook are already given in our website, this will be leather jacketed.

Q7: I don’t know, how to operate photo booth? Will there be any operator?

Ans: Within the charges of setup, we offer one attendant. Our expert of photo booth arrives half an hour prior to event and stays there until completion.

Q8: Will You Reprint Photo Strips, if more than 2 Guests Need Same Copy?

Ans: We are ready to have as many prints as you need. Our services are intended to give you unique keepsakes.

Q9: How to Book Photo Booth in advance?

Ans: Call or mail us, we will ask you to pay small part in advance and your booking will be done.

Q10: What are different payment modes available?

Ans: Pay us in check, cash or through credit cards. We accept all credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER etc.

Q11: What about custom graphic designers, if we need photos to be edited after capturing in booth?

Ans: We have graphic designers who are expert in photoshop and other tools. Experts will be always ready to customize things as you look for.

Q12: How we offer cheap photo booth rental in Dallas?

Ans: We have enough infra to deal with challenges. Experts and equipments are of utmost quality. Our overhead charges are low and this is the reason why we offer cheapest rental of Photo Booth in Fort Worth, Dallas.